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"Sal" Pagliara

1988 - 2003

Sal Pagliara was born in Force, Pennsylvania in 1930. He attended elementary school and graduated from technical school in New Jersey. After graduating from school, he served in the Navy Air Division until 1950. He married Dorothy, from Jacksonville, and they had five children--a son and four daughters. He was a carpenter contractor until they moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1955. In 1968 they moved to Parkland. Sal was an early low density activist in the City. In 1980, he organized a volunteer land planning council of citizens to provide input to the Mayor and Commissioners. He organized the first homeowners association in Parkland [PHO] during Ms. Gerren’s term as Mayor.

Sal served on the newly formed code enforcement board. He was elected the 9th Mayor in 1988. Sal was an important to the growing City of 
Parkland and was at the ‘right place at the right time’. He served his city well for 15 years. He attended dozens of meetings of the Broward County Planning Council, not always agreeing with them if it impacted the lifestyle of Parkland. He oversaw public hearings on a multitude of topics important to the population growth of Parkland. Sal always displayed a deep civic love for the City ofParkland. The City Hall was named for him.