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Anne "Becky" D. Gerren

1978 - 1986

Anne “Becky” Gerren was born Anne Dew in Oakland ParkFlorida in 1932. She attended a local elementary school and graduated from Ft. Lauderdale High School in 1950. She married John M. Gerren Jr., a Civil Engineer, and later the Broward County Engineer. They had three children, two girls and a boy. The Gerren family moved to Parkland in 1973. Becky was an admirable activist in maintaining low residential density developments. In 1978, she was elected the 7th Mayor of Parkland. Coincidently, Mayor Gerren presided over the only City Commission in the State of Florida that was entirely comprised of women. She is credited with having an election to revise and amend the City Charter and have the Municipal Code Corporation of TallahasseeFlorida create the present code of ordinances used by the City of Parkland

The first city-owned City Hall was dedicated at 
6500 Parkside Drive during her administration. She served on the Broward County Planning Council and represented Parkland on the Northwest Council of Mayors and the Broward County Environment Coalition. In 1987 she was appointed to the North Broward Hospital District Board of Directors, where she was involved in raising the funds necessary to open the Pediatric Care Unit at the Broward General Hospital. She past away in 2000. She served her community well and will be remembered for that.