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Van E. Coggins

1964 - 1966

Van E. Coggins was born in Sylva, North Carolina. After high school graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served during World War II. In the service he became aware of Fort Lauderdale and moved there after the war. He worked as a carpenter, learned the trade well and took the exam to become a residential building contractor in Broward County. He married Loretta Bailey who lived in Broward County and was the father of three children--two girls and a boy. He built some of the first homes in Parkland, including his beautiful ranch home. In 1964 he became the 2nd Mayor of Parkland. Aside from building, he became a cattle rancher and raised beautiful Santa Gertrudis cattle. He took his cattle operation to Tennessee in 1969. The first Commissioner’s meetings were held in his home’s large Barbecue Room.