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Vincent Stevens

1966 - 1968

Vincent Stevens was born in New York City in 1927.  He attended and graduated public schools in Garden City Long Island. He volunteered to serve in the Coast Guard during World War II. After the war he went into the restaurant business in Ft. Lauderdale with his father and branched out into his own very successful catering business. In 1949, he became licensed in Florida as a trainer and owner of thoroughbreds in Parkland. He served as council member and Mayor of Oakland Park. He bought a home in Parkland for his family during the early years of incorporation. In 1966, because of his business acumen, he was appointed as the 3rd Mayor of Parkland. He retired in 1968. He served as City Manager of Parkland (1986-1988) and Deerfield Beach. He also served as State Senator, County Commissioner and a leader in Broward Republican politics. His horse ventures required him to relocate several times. He retired in 1998 and still lives in Florida.