History of the Parkland Historical Society 

The Parkland Historical Society exists today because of the great interest on the part of two dedicated Parkland City Clerks, Susan Armstrong and Helen Lynott, who made special efforts to write notes on the city’s development, collect items related to the city and began collecting news articles about the growth and progress of Parkland, FL. 

The Parkland Historical Society thanks and recognizes both Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Lynott, who with the help of the Parkland ‘pioneers’ [those who settled in Parkland from 1963 through 1978] and other community minded citizens, had the interest to save, organize and begin categorizing the City of Parkland’s history. Without Ms. Armstrong’s and Ms. Lynott’s historical insight, we might not have the records the Society now possesses on the founding of Parkland. Their efforts were the foundation of the Parkland Historical Society. 

The first president, guiding force and founding member of the Parkland Historical Society was Harold Bockhold, Parkland’s Mayor from 1972 through 1978. It was his dream in 2000 to establish the Parkland Historical Society placing all historical items under the auspices of the Society. The Board of Directors thank our first president for his vision to found the Society, his overall contributions to Parkland’s growth and his continued support of the Parkland Historical Society.

The Purpose of the Parkland Historical Society 

The purpose of the Parkland Historical Society is to preserve the City’s historical past for all interested individuals both in Parkland and beyond its city limits. The Parkland Historical Society is the depository of all things historical related to the City of Parkland, FL. 

The Mission of the Parkland Historical Society

The mission of the Parkland Historical Society is to collect and catalog all historic artifacts, written accounts, oral histories, folk-life and memorabilia relating to the City of Parkland since its establishment in 1963 and to educate the public regarding local history and preservation. 

The Parkland Historical Society compiles information so that it will be accessible to the public through historic displays, educational seminars, the internet and in the future, Parkland’s own Historical Museum.

The Parkland Historical Society is dedicated to preserving local traditions and providing opportunities for the community to learn about Parkland’s heritage.