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Member Participation

Parkland has provided the Parkland Historical Society with office space at City Hall. We use this office to store our computers and artifacts. The members of the Society are progressing in our ongoing endeavor to preserve the history of Parkland. Collections of historical items including verbiage, pictorial and physical documents are being archived each week. These items are identified, entered into our computer system and cataloged. This is an exceptionally interesting effort, but a slow, meticulous and time-consuming effort as well.

Any member of the Society may participate and your assistance is invaluable. This does not require a continuing commitment. There are tasks that can be accomplished in a couple of hours whenever a volunteer has time available. We’re confident that the volunteer will find this to be very rewarding and educational, as well as a tremendous assistance to the Parkland Historical Society. Here are a few different ways you may volunteer: 

  • Organize and catalog material previously donated
  • Interview long time residents and prominent people in Parkland
  • Photograph city events and provide pictures for the archives
  • Research subjects and prepare articles for publication
  • Attend events like the Farmer’s Market and solicit new memberships

Also, if you have any Parkland historical documents in your possession, we encourage you to donate them to the Society. These may be in the form of photographs, letters, stories, videos, drawings or sketches, maps, testimonials, newspaper clippings and articles.

Whether you’re interested in volunteering your time or you have items to donate, please contact Pierre Hodot through email, pierre@parklandhistoricalsociety.org or by phone at 954-345-2427.