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11 - Quigley Park

This park, Parkland's first, is located at 7901 Parkside Drive and is named for the fourth mayor of Parkland, John H. Quigley, who served Parkland from December, 1968 through March, 1972. 

Being the first park in Parkland was significant. Prior to it being built, children had no playground or athletic field. Soccer was played in the BBB Ranches on the site of what's now the Hendrix pepper farm. Cars parked off Trotters Lane and put their headlights on so children could play. Parents had to first pick up rocks before the kids could begin their games.

Plans for the park were temporarily derailed in 1989 when city commissioners had to fight off an attempt by landowners Hamilton Forman and Coral Ridge Properties to de-annex about 2000 acres from Parkland into Broward County Unincorporated or Coral Springs. When the de-annexation flap was settled, Mayor Sal Pagliara (Mayor from 1988 to 2003) and the commissioners turned their attention to opening Quigley Park.

Quigley Park was dedicated at a ceremony on November 5, 1989.
Picture Courtesy of Parkland Historical Society Archives

The original cost of developing this park was $360,000, of which $200,000 was provided by Mecca Farms, a large landowner in Parkland. The park property was part of the planned urban development (PUD) of Cypress Head which was being developed by Narco Developers.

From 1990 through 1991, the building located on this park ground was used as Parkland’s first library. Here, children’s story times took place and the library was open to the public two days per week. 
Picture Courtesy of Parkland Historical Society Archives

In November 1992, Quigley Park was the site of a Parkland Days celebration.
Picture Courtesy of Parkland Historical Society Archives

This park is 5 acres in size which gave it the original name, ’Five Acre Park’. This park was originally composed of: 1 small building with facilities for restrooms, a concession stand and storage, 1 soccer field, 2 baseball/softball diamonds, 1 playground and a corral.

As of 2012, this park offers 4 lighted T-ball/Coach Pitch fields, 2 lighted soccer fields, 1 football field, 1 baseball diamond, concession building, restrooms and a pavilion which is available for rental.

Picture Courtesy of City of Parkland

Quigley Park has been the home of the Soccer Buddy program which was featured on local television as a leading program for children with special needs. Quigley Park is also a resident favorite for jogging and a leisurely game of Frisbee when there are no scheduled sports activities.

Picture Courtesy of City of Parkland

Written and Edited by Ira Goldman and James Weiss; Archive Retrieval by Pierre Hodot; Design and Art Work by Bill Reicherter; Parkland Historical Society President Jeff Schwartz;